Lumakick KICKS some ass


After years of my friend Sunyoung lecturing me on the power of indy comicker Richard Hahn, I finally had a chance to meet the man at this weekend’s Mocca Art Festival -DT(downtown)NYC – and check out his comic Lumakick.

Well, Richard is pretty neat and Lumakick kicks ass. Unfortunately, so was I. Or at least, on the verge of kicking some tourist ass when, during my reading on the subway, a rather large, white woman lost her balance and sat on me.

Lumakick is largely about mood. Richard has created a world that is heavy with a controlled nostalgia. His visuals remind me of Edward Gorey and the sentiment of ubiquitous lonliness he works with is something like Gorey if Gorey wasn’t so concerned with covering up his true feelings of sadness with humor. Be sad, Gorey! Be sad! It’s alright to cry!

Needless to say, you can understand why I was so disturbed by the woman who landed suddenly in my lap — and crushed my comic, no less! Totally killed the mood.

But my comic survived – and so did I, thanks to Lumakick! More Lumakick Rich!



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