I work here

A couple of more Scribblers have been added to the milieu. (That’s me trying to be French.) Mylene and LaRhonda are both excellent writers. However, in the event that you link to their blogs from this site, please keep the following in mind:

a) some of us are still young and immature

b) some of us are still trying to figure it out

c) some of us are working on it

d) all of the above.

This isn’t to say that I have youth on my side anymore – just immaturity. Better yet, amaturity, the complete antithesis and lack of maturity. But I try, I will give myself that.

Nonetheless, if you go to their sites from mine, you’ll quickly realize what real organization is. And you’ll be tempted to ask “Why is the Genuine Article so scattered?” Well, to quell everyone’s curiousity, I’ve posted a photo of my home-office where I do my writing. I encourage you all not to laugh as this photo was taken after I actually cleaned.

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