Youth: It’s No Longer Wasted on the Young

One of the things that I do as someone who writes about comics, is interview the people who actually create them. These people are usually young, energetic, tireless, unstoppable. And successful. And young. And successful.

So tomorrow, I’m interviewing Kazu Kibuishi of FLIGHT fame. Young, successful, emerging, talented – it really doesn’t end. Somebody kill me already. Better yet, somebody bury him. In a deep, deep, grave. Filled with red ants. Big red ants. Big, hungry red ants.

FLIGHT is a comics anthology first published in 2005 by Image Comics. Volume 2 was picked up by Ballantine – yes, Random House’s Ballantine – and volume 3 has come out this month. Basically, FLIGHT is a three volume comics anthology that continues to build interest and has set the stage for in many ways for the future of comics publishing in America.

As the editor of FLIGHT, Kazu has made anthologies, typically a hard sell in comics for the sake of consistency, art style, so many reasons, the new graphic novel. He has two other books, one his own project, another I didn’t care to look into, in the works. He has a lovely fiance who draws with him and has her own series and forthcoming graphic novel with Scholastic Books. He has worked in animation, he is young, he is 26 years old.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kazu Kibuishi.

I am going to kick his ass.

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