Jay Chou SlamDunks!

Monkeypeaches has some news on the intersection of manga (Japanese comics) and Jay Chou (Taiwanese Mando-pop King). Chou will be starring in the film SlamDunk! which is inspired by Inoue Takehiko’s manga series by the same name.

Jay Chou as the brash, Dennis Rodman based character Sakuragi Hanamichi? The softspoken Chou, who barely spoke in his premier role in last summer’s blockbuster Initial D (also based on the manga) would do better as the Rukawa character that’s modeled after Michael Jordan. As it is, the film is only loosely related to the manga, taking instead a Shaolin Soccer detour and mixing in Chinese kung-fu and CGI.

SlamDunk! the movie will be a Taiwanese production with almost all the shooting done in Taiwan. Mainland Chinese NBA star Yao Ming will be making a cameo. Shooting starts next year. As a fan of Takehiko and SlamDunk! all I can say is I really, really hope this is good.


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