Densha Otoko at Asian American International Film Festival

Say it isn’t so!

The AAIFF starts next week and runs July 13-21 at Manhattan’s Asia Society, Quad Cinema and Long Island’s StonyBrook U. So regardless if you’re uptown, downtown or even out of town, there’s a participating venue near you.

The roster is heavy with features and shorts from all over America and Asia, but what did I spy buried underneath the schedule of narratives about lost identity, oppressive political regimes and human traffiking? Train Man:Densha Otoko!

The live action movie is premiering at the festival Friday, July 14 at the Asia Society! Densha Otoko is a reality based tale of Tokyo love and romance that was spun into a novel, four separate comics (manga) series, a television series and a live action movie. Densha Otoko is also about to take the States by storm (or at least, the comics world) as three publishers have licensed the manga versions.

My article on the Densha Otoko phenomenon ran in this past week’s PW Comics Week (link at right under ‘articles’).

Check out the AsianCinevision link for more info on the Festival! AAIFF is in it’s 29th year (29? We’re the same age!) and thrown annually by AsianCinevision. Needless to say, I’ve missed just about every festival since…well, since my kid was born. But I won’t be missing it this year! No way, Baby!


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