My sofa, sponsored by CMX, Dark Horse, DMP, Del Rey…


Let the games begin.

The FedEx packages are loaded with galleys and photocopies of what’s coming up this year. Spread out are a selection of CMX titles.

A fellow blogger/mother/writer recently commented on my ability to cover so many cultural events on my blog. Culture? What culture? The culture of sitting on my ass and reading comics? The culture of my home being papered by manga galleys?

Don’t get me wrong, my life of watching movies and reading manga ’til my teeth fall out is pretty ducky. But in truth, I don’t think there’s that much I contribute to the world through this blog, although I do strive to change that (and change it soon.)

In the meantime, my sister and her family are staying with me for a brief New York visit. What have they done so far for their big New York adventure? Why, what they always do when they visit me: read comics!

Some of my sister’s thoughts on manga:

Dolls by Mitsukazu Mihara – “This is so strange. It’s spooky, but I can’t stop reading it.”

Tenjo Tenge by Oh! Great – “Why do you have only have up to volume 4? You know volume 8 is out already.”

Path of the Assassin by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima – “What is this? Lone Wolf and Cub? I’ll read it later.”

BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei – “None of the characters speak in this book. Why doesn’t anyone speak? Why isn’t anyone speaking in this book?”

Luckily I was able to distract her by popping in my DVD of Initial D.

Whoohoo! New York rules! Culture and all…


  1. LB said

    Whoa! Nice changes Kai. What brought them on?
    Oh, and yes you DO contribute. What, are you kiddin’ me?
    Keep it comin’. We’re bound to take over the world!

  2. My said

    Sounds like Christmas in July to me!! I can imagine worse things than sitting on your ass and reading comics– like sitting on a FAT ass and reading comics. Anyone out there who’s getting an image that you are a couch potato would be wrong wrong wrong.
    The only downside is that all this obligatory writing is robbing us of your fiction.

  3. safire said

    And my question is: What is Manga? Your blog forced me to look it up… I hate it when I have to think on a Saturday morning. Isn’t Saturday a day of rest? Oh no, wait, it’s Sunday. See? I’m confused on Saturday. At any rate, I learned something new today about Manga. Now I want to know more.

    And what pray tell is wrong with sitting on your ass all day writing about Manga? Ya can’t do it standing up?

    You are not only writing in your blog enlightening the rest of us, but you are playing host… that’s a good thing.That’s what summers in New York are all about. So enjoy it.

    And thanks about enlightening me on Manga.

    Write on sister..write on…

    Oh..just so you know…I read this sitting on my ass…my flat ass…lolol

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