What’s Bad is Good for You: Dog Bite Dog

What’s raw and nasty and hits you in the face like a slab of concrete? Dog Bite Dog!

I’ve posted about Korean director Soi Cheang’s Hong Kong movie earlier this summer, soon after Grady Hendrix smeared the trailer all over his Kaiju Shakedown blog. Now, thanks again to Hendrix, who keeps a firm hand on the shakedown, we can all check out the official Dog Bite Dog website!

Oh yeah!

The movie is scheduled to release in HK on August 17 which means the rest of us will have access to it sometime this fall. Given how grotesquely violent this movie is, I’m kind of glad that I won’t have to watch this in the theatres, clenching the arms of my seat with my sweaty palms. Can’t wait to pick up the DVD on Canal St. come October and fast-forward through the entire thing.

(BTW, the website is in Chinese so if you want to check out the trailer, click on the red characters in the menu under the main graphic.  A mini disclaimer screen will pop up.  Then click on the character in bold on the left side of the mini screen – which basically means “yes” – and it will start downloading.)


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