manga dispatches

After a fierce struggle (that I almost lost) I’m finally back from my very first San Diego Comicon.  I have to say, I’ve been to conventions before but this thing was out of control.  My impressions of it all: huge, impenetrable, overwhelming.

I’ll admit that one of my downfalls is that I didn’t approach this convention with the same organization and drive that I approached the others, but it was still pretty crazy.  The level of celebrity was through the roof.  This was the year that publishers pulled out all the stops and brought over their most reknowned artists from Japan: Kazuo Koike, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Yoshitaka Amano, Nobuhiro Watsuki.  And there were more from Korea: JTK, Seyeong Won, Jae Hwan Kim.

As hard as I tried, I just didn’t manage to interview them all and after getting my ass severly kicked up and down the convention hall all weekend (which is quite large, I might add) and beating myself over the head with my laptop for not finding “the big story”, it was no wonder that early Sunday evening found me knocking back a few during the final meeting with my editors.  With PW buying the drinks, and later, the kind publicity team of DC Comics throwing in a round, my bad mood was finally over.

Until I found myself filing out of the San Diego airport, racing around the tiny Starbucks looking for wi-fi access, and almost missing my flight…again.

But despite almost missing my deadline, and my flight, and having a suitcase full of books to haul around…

Despite the fact that I was so exhausted from Comicon that I couldn’t manage sleeping vertically on the plane…

Despite the fact that I was so nauseated by my trip that I almost yarfed all over the man I was sitting next to on the LIRR…

I still managed to get home – in time to pick up my son from camp and play a few rounds of speed hide and go seek (you only count to 5); cook dinner and wrestle my little man into his bath; wrestle him into his pajamas and read to him from volume 4 of Jeff Smith’s BONE that I brought home for him (thanks, Scholastic!).

And now, I get to close my eyes and stay horizontal for more than 4 hours.  Ain’t no stopping me now.  If only I had this kind of determination at Comicon….


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