Just sitting down to some coconut tapioca and perusing my finds for today.

Since I’ve been feeling completely geeked out from Comicon, I spent the day downtown, downing milk-tea and perusing movies and music along Grand St.

Lo and behold! What should I find: Shinobi, the movie adaptation of the manga and novel (to be released by Del Rey Manga later this year) by Futaro Yamada will be available on DVD tomorrow! I thought of saving my money and returning later this week, before I splurged on this:

Fearless (Jet Li), Perhaps Love (Takeshi Kaneshiro), and Election 1&2. Election 2 just came out on DVD this weekend and there are musings on the internet as to whether Tartan Films will be acquiring the rights to this one as well – perhaps for a joint release with Election which they acquired the rights to this past spring. Election is the 2005 triad movie by Johnnie To that’s rumored to have given the HK film industry a hearty kick in the ass. I thought Infernal Affairs already did that….

Jet Li’s Fearless has also been acquired for release in the U.S. Grady Hendrix made a funny when he pointed to his own confusion about the title: is it a contraction (Jet Li is Fearless) or is it possessive? Regardless, I’ve got the DVD which, because the movie has been optioned for the U.S. market, has no subtitles. Given that it’s a period piece, I’m praying that it’s not heavily reflected in the dialogue. If the writing is anything like HERO, which used old, old, poetic and beautiful Chinese, I’m screwed. More on this movie once I’ve watched it.

Of course, no movie purchase is complete without some sort of romance/chick-flick. Kaneshiro Takeshi, I choose you! Perhaps Love is another 2005 release that again, revived the Hong Kong industry. Personally, I find anything that allows me to drown in the infinite sadness of the doe-eyed Kaneshiro to be quite refreshing. Although, I recently watched him in a Japanese movie, my first time watching him speak/act in Japanese, and that was rather unsettling.

I also happened on quite a bit of music which I’ll be checking out. Cecelia Cheung (who shares a same last name and similar good looks to another Cheung we all know – Maggie), one of my favorite pop/movie/actress/singer idols who I’m currently listening to, and KangTa&Vanness, the Taiwanese/Korean duo who are, I’m told, white hot and popular as hell.

I’m sure to have more once I’ve had time to process it all.


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