From Taiwan with Love

In the middle of watching Fearless right now.
But before I forget, here’s another find from yesterday: Japanese manga IN CHINESE!

Japanese manga IN CHINESE!

Once I managed to tear myself away from the DVD and music section of the store I was in, I stumbled upon the comics section. Now, if you’re walking down the Bowery on any given weekend, there’ll be a bunch of table vendors selling books, comics, etc. But most of them are the girls comics (shojo manga) and none of it looks all that familiar.
What’s great about buying in an actual shop is that they have all the hot titles like One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, and, holy shit! Is that GANTZ? IN CHINESE?
Naturally, I had to pick up a copy. GANTZ is a series that will never be released in the States. Or so goes the rumor. It’s a sci-fi story about the world beyond death that’s limbo if limbo were a hyper-violent live-action video game that took place in a neighborhood near you. There are elements of Battle Royale in it, an appearance by Angelina Joeli, er, Lara Croft, lots of action, a crazy amount of suspense, and quality (not quantity, but quality) sex.
My theory on GANTZ is that if CMX licensed this series, cut the cover page of the naked girls (that graces each and every volume) but otherwise kept their editorial mitts to themselves, and then just shrink-wrapped the hell out of it, they’d win back the readership that they lost with Tenjho Tenge. All while making a number of 15 year-old boys – I mean 18-year-old boys – happy in the process.
In the meantime, it’s being licensed for the Taiwan market (and probably making it to the Mainland) so Chinese readers rejoice! And if you can’t read Chinese but want to check it out (you know you want to) Omanga has a wicked scanlation of it.
But manga isn’t all sex and violence. Although, speaking of Tenjho Tenge, at the store they had up to volume 13 (or something like that) but by the time I got to it, I had run out of money. (!@#$% ATM’s! &*^%$# JPMorganChase!)

I also got Basilisk which I’m so excited to read in Chinese (not really since it makes the 30 minute reading experience into a 30 hour reading experience) and one of my favorite sports manga (second only to Inoue Takehiko’s SlamDunk!) EyeShield 21!
Yea, baby! But like I said, I’m watching Fearless right now.


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