Sloppy Copy

So it’s been brought to my attention that I made a few factual errors in my manga/manhwa round-up in this week’s PW Comics Week.
Pata, of Irresponsible Pictures fame is ever on top of it and was kind enough to point out my blunders.

a) Kashimashi is yuri (girls love) and not yaoi (boys love)

b) Megami DX, DMP’s new “mook” (magazine book) is not yaoi or yaoi related at all, but an illustration book of girl characters from manga, anime and video games, as Pata correctly references.

Personally, my inaccurate reporting on Megami brought to the forefront my own bias in thinking of DMP as a yaoi/boys love/june publisher.  I didn’t even realize that I had Megami incorrectly pegged which stings because had I known that I was confused about it, I would have followed up with DMP when I visited their booth later that day.  Instead I got distracted by Range Murata’s Robot…Which proves that I can think of DMP outside of the yaoi box, but only if provoked.

Lastly, David Taylor of Love Manga also took issue with the schedule of Rush, DramaQueen’s original yaoi anthology by western artists that I had been told was going to start at 2x a year for the first year and then ramp up to a quarterly schedule.   A quick call to Tran Nguyen cleared that up.  Her words: “Honey, I’m so sorry!  I gave you the wrong information!”  Rush will be published twice this year (one issue for fall, one for winter) and then released every two months starting in 2007.

I have to say, though, the support and keen insight from the manga blogosphere is heartwarming (think warm fuzzies)  and is making me a better and more thorough reporter.  You may read that as: Guys, without you, I am nothing!  Without you I am nothing!


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