Has it really been a month….?

since my last post…?

Now that the pumpkins have come out and the Halloween streamers have become impossible to ignore, I’ve officially come to grips with the fact that summer is over.

And just in time to pull me out of the post-summer slump is Edison Chen! Edison Chen! Edison Chen!

Now that he’s appeared in the SF Chronicle and on Grady’s blog, I just want to qualify all this press coverage and say “I told you so!”

The EDC has been on my radar since the very first Infernal Affairs and I’ve done my best to promote him without looking like too much of a groupie. That said, the boy has the ambition of Napoleon and has a number of movies and music albums under his belt (as well as his own clothing line and boutique)- and not just HK movies, but Japanese movies and opening today, a Hollywood release as well.

In the Grudge 2 he’s pretty much the one man on the set. It’s incredibly exciting to see a well known Hong Kong pop star make his way east, to Japan and cross-over to U.S. cinema. I wonder if this will open doors to more HK actors like Nick Tse or Daniel Wu, who’ve all grown up in North America and face no language barrier.

But I’ve already blogged about this on my .mac site, which you can check out. Of course, it’s less of a well thought out article than it is a testament to cute Chinese boys.

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