Just in case….

….anyone missed Pata’s blog entry last week….

Apparently Slate, the online magazine, featured an article on the fate of the novel which led Pata of Irresponsible Pictures blog-fame to point to graphic novels.

I found this discussion fascinating probably because I’m not a Slate reader and find the fact that other people are dealing with and confounded by our technological chatter wherein we are reaching out to each other everyday, but making little, if any, physical contact. But most interestingly, this type of interaction is infiltrating our reading and writing experiences and having lasting effects. It’s not just a mention of a Blackberry or email in a story, it’s the actual form the story takes. The medium is changing.
Which makes me feel better about my writing which often looks like random snippets or excerpts from strangers’ lives, all pasted together into some sort of horrid yet fascinating Franken-narrative. At least, I hope it’s fascinating – there’s got to be something to balance out the horrid.

Since this is all half-baked nonsense that I’m writing, you’ll have to read Pata’s entry and the Slate fiction project. It’s compelling stuff and worth the time it takes to read it.


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