Momofuku Ando is dead! But Cup Noodle lives on….

Have you heard? Inventor of Cup Noodle instant ramen Momofuku Ando passed away last Friday!

Everyone is all over this story – NPR aired their “ode to ramen and its inventor” (my name for the segment) last night and bloggers like Lisa Cullen of Time magazine are mourning albeit with vivid memories of wax gut.

But it was Digital Manga Publishing who was waaaay on it back in the fall. Their Project X: Cup Noodle manga about the rise of instant ramen is making Ando a household name for those who’ve bought it and brought it home.

I have to agree with Cullen – I really can’t eat instant ramen. But reading about the creation of Cup Noodle, man did I crave it! Mmm, mmm, good!

Sidenote: Ando is rumoured to be Chinese – moving from Taiwan to Japan at an early age. (Had to get that in there…)


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