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Avril’s Chinese Connection

Avid youtube watchers, Avril fans, and faux punk-rock merge – thanks to Avril Lavigne’s Chinese version of Girlfriend.

I too, was wondering why Canada’s mainstream-punk princess was doing a serious (blink) 182 with Girlfriend – and if you look at the itunes response page, apparently I’m not alone.

But seeing it done in Chinese clears all that up.  Girlfriend is made for Chinese audiences – that she sings the chorus in Chinese is just icing on a song that combines bad-ass with cute, punk with pop, black with pink.  It’s what’s normally regurgitated from Japan or Hong Kong – except that Avril does it herself, essentially meeting a demand for this type of product and spoon feeding her fans in the three Chinas.

So nevermind the naysayers and disappointed American fans.  Going Chinese (and 12 other languages) with Girlfriend makes Avril the shrewdest woman in music since…Madonna.


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Big and Strong – thanks to Banana Smoothie

Ever wonder what your children do when your not around?  I do.

The second I take my eyes off of him, my son goes snowboarding.

That’s my boy….


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Two words, just two words!


Taiyo Matsumoto….

manga, anime, feature film….

I’ve said too much…….

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Imamura @ BAM

Who likes gritty?

We do!  We do!

In my pre/post “Host” excitement, one thing I forgot to mention is that the Brooklyn Academy of Music is having an Imamura film festival in their theatres all this month!  Brooklynites rejoice!  (Manhattanites, too!)  Japanese New Wave couldn’t be any closer (than Netflix) or any bigger (than your 60″ plasma screen, ahem)!

Although this will be my first exposure to Shohei Imamura’s work as a leader of Japanese contemporary film – and winner of the Palm d’Or twice – I, for one, am stoked to have access to his oevure.  Because anyone that goes against Ozu, is a hero in my book.

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The Host

Well, Grady Hendrix blogged about this South Korean horror flick months ago (RIP kaijushakedown!) but now there’s reason to buck-up and pay attention: The Host opens in U.S. theatres tomorrow!

The Host combines humor with gut-wrenching gore in what was South Korea’s most successful movie of all time! Call it “happy horror.” Filmmaker Joon-ho Bong capitalizes on comic antics and frightful suspense to tell the story of one family’s battle against a monster that has taken their young daughter. There’s wry commentary on the U.S. government, of course, making The Host possibly the most well-rounded movie Americans will see to date. Screams, thrills, chills, laughs – and political commentary all rolled into one highly polished and entertaining movie.

So forget about The Namesake! Jhumpa Lahiri’s storytelling is as beautiful and captivating as she is, but that was years ago!

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