What can I say about this manga series except that I’ve been obsessed about it for the last two years, blog about it on occasion, force myself to read it in Chinese (even though all I really read are the pictures…) and regularly harass Chris Oarr of ADV about it.  “Hey Chris, what’s up with GANTZ?  Are you guys licensing it or what?”

Well, here’s to dreams coming true.

Dark Horse Manga just made the announcement that they will be bringing this series from Japan, to the U.S.  Along with MPD Psycho, another Japanese comic that is gore galore and showered in spine-tingling violence, GANTZ is one of those manga that has wide crossover potential, but because of the naked girls, and other trivial licensing issues, has been shut out of the American market.

ADV licensed the anime a while ago and I sincerely thought it would go to them.  But GANTZ will find a happy home at Dark Horse.

So Chris, what’s up with GANTZ?


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