Bullets over Tears

My internet connection has been wonky ever since I got back from China – or more accurately, ever since I got back from China, I’ve become lazy about my internet connection. So posts will continue to come few and far in between. I don’t even know if that makes any sense, but here’s one thing I was drinking to this weekend:

More Manga Movies

I had no time while at Anime Expo to view the Death Note movies, so had to wait until I got back from SoCal to view them at the New York Asian Film Festival closing/Japan Cuts opening this past weekend where a fountain of Sapporo was flowing. Yay! (THANKS, GRADY!)

But my big cheer goes to Freesia, which I knew was going to kick some Death Note booty. Boy am I happy I was right! I don’t know how faithful the adaptation was as I’ve only glanced, ahem, at the manga, but director Kumakiri does a phenomenal job crafting a narrative in what could easily be a stand-alone film. Additionally, both lead characters are so numb to feeling, as a viewer, it was difficult to identify with them – but somehow, Kumakiri makes sure that empathy towards them is felt. Wow.

My argument about manga to movie adaptations is not a fan argument of following the storyarc per se, but of adding to that arc by representing it in another medium – at which Kumakiri does a fine job. My other argument is for the beautiful hotness of Tetsuji Tamayama – yes, he will do nicely.

So here’s to frigid killers with calculating stares in blue leather. Drink, drink!


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