Kodansha sends me issues of their manga anthology magazine “Morning”. I interviewed the editor, Mr. Shimada, last summer at the San Diego Comicon and since then, the magazines come like clockwork. Morning is a weekly anthology, meaning that comics stories are serialized in it and continue from week to week.

Think of it like television and it becomes clearer. Friday Night Lights, when it was on, aired on Friday nights. The comic, Giant Killing, runs in Morning magazine, which comes out every Tuesday (or something like that- I notice it in my mailbox around Tuesday). So if you’re following Giant Killing, you look forward to reading the next installment every Tuesday.

Morning is a magazine of comics aimed towards older readers. Vagabond, the fictionalized life of master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, has run in Morning. So has Hataraki Man – the female working man (zzt! fingers to forehead!) which is essentially an OL (office lady) manga.  I’m not doing it justice by describing it like that, but it deals with the frustrations of being a woman in a male dominated work environment.  (Was that redundant?)

My son, however, has become quite fond of Chi. What is Chi?

This is Chi.

Beyond adorable and so chipper! He is always smiling and running around and acting cute! cute! cute!

This is the only comic in the magazine that I let him read. There’s some inappropriate stuff in there that I don’t want him seeing just yet. But here’s the thing with Chi:

I know that there are comics series that have run in mature magazines that are completely benign. However, since Morning is a mature comics magazine – a Japanese comics magazine – I am just waiting for Chi to take a turn for the perverse, and become PORNO-CAT MANGA!

There is no way that Porno-Cat isn’t a genre of manga in Japan so I’ll just keep an eye on Chi. So cute! So cute!

Oh my…Bad cat! Bad cat! Stop licking yourself, Chi! Stop licking yourself like that!


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