It’s that time! The New York Asian Film Festival

Grady Hendrix just emailed with the line-up for this year’s New York Asian Film Festival. I don’t know how he does it. Every year, every frickin’ year, he’s got top picks from Japan, China, Korea, and this year, Indonesia.

The festival runs from June 20th – July 6th, first at the IFC center downtown, then at the Japan Society across town.

Here are stills from a few of the movies that I’m looking forward to seeing:

Johnny To’s pick-pocket romance, Sparrow, starring the dashing Simon Yam and the delicate Kelly Lin

Lee Myung-Se’s celluloid subconscious, M

Takeshi Kaneshiro playing the Grim Reaper in Accuracy of Death

The next addition to the Death Note franchise, L: Change the World

And the Thai epic King Naresuan (movies 1 and 2)

Many more movies, too, including Takashi Miike’s spaghetti western, Sukiyaki Western Django which is slated for theatrical release later this summer, and Vietnamese action in The Rebel.

Like every year, it’s gonna be a good one ^_^

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