More Matsumoto Manga, please!

Chris Butcher has an excellent interview with Taiyo Matsumoto up which he did the rewrite on.

The interview is lovely and a rare entry into the minds of one of Japan’s most innovative manga creators.

But Butcher outdoes himself in footnoting and compiling a comprehensive bibliography of Matsumoto’s work.  Seeing the coverart on his books is enough to make this comics lover weep with frustration.  (Look at all the Matsumoto that the rest of us can’t read!)  It’s enough to make me rally the troops and have everyone I know buy a copy of Tekkon Kinkreet.

Audry Taylor at Go! Comi once expressed this in an interview, that every time someone buys a volume of manga, they’re voting for that creator, for that type of material.  I’m sure this isn’t new, but in manga it takes on a whole new life.

Sometimes I wonder how manga publishers survive with the amount of content online in scans, or otherwise shared.  Taylor told me of how a couple of girls were at the booth, swooning over something Yuu Higuri or Mik Takeuchi.  So natch, she was like “Well you should buy it.”  To which one of the girls responded “Nah, I’ll just read her copy.”

Now I love sharing – I’d be nowhere without it.  But for companies, it really comes down to the bottom line.  It’s great that we can borrow and swap books and find out what’s out there, but in terms of telling people and publishers what we like, there’s nothing like the feedback a few Andrew Jackson’s can supply.

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