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I’m still jetlagged and I’ve got one last vignette/observation from last weekend’s AX that Ed and I were laughing about in the halls.

Aurora launched their LuvLuv imprint at the beginning of this year, publishing teen love comics – kind of in the vein of Nana, about young people in sexually romantic situations, but boy-girl, not boy-boy.

The idea is that LuvLuv books will appeal to boys love readers and girls who want to read about sex – but aren’t feeling the Brokeback scenario.

So imagine my surprise when I walk into a full room for the LuvLuv panel, and see a mob of young men, ready to share the, uh, love.

At one point, Michael Perry (sales and marketing for Aurora), gave a short summary of one of the narratives, about a young woman in college who thinks befriending her male classmates on campus means sleeping with them.

This was met with murmurs of approval from the fellas in the audience.

Then Perry gave the spoiler: she meets a man who teaches her the true meaning of friendship.

“Asshole!  Asshole!”  The guys yelled.

The girls were less vocal so I can only imagine their reactions, but it sounds as though this line has a little something for everyone and will appeal to a wider demographic than just the ladies.

Mika Ogata (managing editor) mentioned that a few men thought that LuvLuv books were yuri (girl on girl).  Personally, I doubt that LuvLuv not being yuri (just one girl instead of two) will stand in the way of young men buying it.


  1. gynocrat said

    It’s a shame that most people don’t realize that straight boys like romance too. *Charmed* the tv show is loaded with male fans…they know all about the witches and their love lives- and, their measurements. 0_0.

  2. […] for the new titles announced at Anime Expo by DMP and Viz. And at Genuine Article, Kai-Ming Cha noticed that the guys seemed to be more interested in Aurora’s LuvLuv line of “ladies’ […]

  3. Anonymous said

    Well, they have licensed Hitohira, which is a seinen comic heavy on the moe~. (And has a good bit of yuri subtext, I hear…popular on /u/, at least)

  4. Michelle said

    I like LuvLuv, don’t get me wrong. And I think a lot of LuvLuv’s titles are josei. But comparing Nana to most of LuvLuv’s titles is wrong. LuvLuv’s are like Harlequin romances….whereas Nana is an edgy realistic look at the modern Japanese world through the eyes of a young woman.

    I’m glad LuvLuv’s titles are reaching males too. It seems that more mature romantic manga appeals to males than shoujo manga.

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