Missives from Hong Kong…

Sometimes I hear from Hong Kong, and just this morning, I received a few rather obscure messages. (Obscure only because my grasp of written Chinese comes and goes, and right now, it’s pretty gone.)

But it looks like publisher Jade Dynasty has secured the following Japanese properties from Shueisha, Shogakukan, (and I think Hakesensha) for HK release.

This one – and a few others (scroll down to see) – caught my attention:

Santa Inoue’s Tokyo Graffiti (key words in the release were “PEACH” and “LOVE” and something in Chinese that can only be loosely translated as “bombing the subways in Tokyo with phat skillz!”)

There were some other anime looking properties that looked pretty standard, including:

Volumes 1 & 2 of HanaDan (Boys Over Flowers) – and volume 37!

I’m not sure if volumes 1 & 2 are in reprint or something, but key words for this release were “big hit!” and “F4!”

Here are some of the more interesting properties to find a readership in HK:

DMC – Detroit Motor City (I’m pretty sure this is about music and would even gamble that it’s a rocknroll manga)

(I’m going to judge this book by its cover and assume it’s about pudding and a fat guy.)

(Not sure but it looks like it could be a series from Young Jump or another seinen manga magazine.)

This cover is my favorite. It’s got the elegance and class of a regular book – except that it’s comics. The title is something like “Clear/Pure tou4” or “dou2” – for some reason I’m blanking on which character it is (tou4 means head, dou2 means bean. ) I’m tempted to mush it together and say it’s “Pure Bean Head” which has it’s charm. But I’m not sure.

So far it looks like these are ’08 books which means that you may be able to find them in your local Chinatown in the Hong Kong section (unless they’ve already been licensed for the Taiwan market, in which case you can look for these books now in the Taiwan section of the store.) Or you could just resort to Kinokuniya and read it in its original.


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  1. Ed said

    Interesting stuff… Mainly because some of those titles aren’t from Shogakukan or Shueisha (or Hakusensha). Super Radical Gag Family is from Akita Shoten.

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