Just hangin around…

So, here I am, hangin out at JFK, which is a popular pre-Comicon activity for me. Popular b/c I do it every year…

This time, however, it’s due to some sort of mechanical issues with the plane. People are irate. The lines are long, and we’re all trying to pack ourselves onto flights that have long been sold out. Somehow, I was able to secure the last available seat on another flight out today. (Others weren’t so fortunate and have been forced to return and try again tomorrow.)

On the one hand, I’m pissed as all hell because shit, this is work we’re talking here, not some rinky-dink vacation to frickin Disneyland, so somebody get me to SD and get me there NOW.

On the other hand, I’m stoked to hang out at the JFK mall. Everywhere I look, there are places to sit and chillax. There’s lattes to drink, Swarovski crystal to coo at, Gucci watches to try on, and Roxy bikinis to buy. I may even get a mani/pedi and get my eyebrows done.

It’s almost like Comicon for women: entertainment but without the comics. Wait a sec, that IS Comicon…


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