Made it!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at the San Francisco International Airport, I’m here!

Although, half-way through the hour and a half taxi on the runway, and realizing that it was more tyhtan likely that I was to miss myconnecting flight in SF, I started wishing that I had access to some Naruto. Naruto always makes me cry, and at that point, I really felt like crying.

But somehow, someone had the kindness in their heart and the foresight to see how shit outta luck I would be if I missed my connecting flight – so they held the plane for me. And as soon as my flight landed in SF, escorted me to the next gate.

Then, when it became evident that my luggage was less fortunate, and wasn’t about to make the flight, the cute little steward made me a cute little bloody-mary to help wash my woes away.

So, thank you kind ladies at SFO and cute steward! I have no clean underwear and no toothbrush, but this year’s Comicon is already rockin’ thanks to you.


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