Brigid posted the news of TokyoPop’s agreement with Gentosha last week over Comicon in answer to the looming question “Can anyone stop Viz Media?”

TP/Gentosha and Viz Media’s new Viz Productions will be shopping ideas around Hollywood, which has an interest in manga.  SpeedRacer didn’t go over so hot, but for anyone who wants to see what kind of movie Leonardo DiCaprio and Katsuhiro Otomo can produce with Akira or how Astro Boy will fare, 2009 is going to be a big year.  Can this manga stuff really translate to real, actual Hollywood fodder?  Wasn’t there going to be a remake of My Sassy Girl starring that blond girl from Blue Crush?  My Sassy Girl was manhwa fr. Korea before it was made into one of the best humor/romances to come out of the S. Korean industry.  So it’s not exactly from Japan, but like most manga, Sassy Girl is heavily steeped in Korean culture and etiquette – the way manga is rooted heavily in Japanese pop life.

I’m too tired and lazy at this point to really think about this.  I’m too lazy to google My Sassy Girl and find out what’s going on there.  But I do hope that there’s some sort of successful partnering of Hollywood studios and manga publishers.  I love Otomo and really want Akira to be good.

Here’s a photo of some convention space.  Not verified, but I think this is where the TokyoPop booth was last year.


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