I mentioned this in another post, but Matthieu’s got a show about to go up at Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The opening is tomorrow, 6-8pm so go! Go! Matthieu, Yan and little Rui will be there and they’re super nice to talk to, not to mention pretty to look at. The whole family’s shipping out to SH on Tues. so this is a whirlwind opening.

Here’s the invite:

Please join me for the opening of LEARNING FROM HANGZHOU at the Storefront for Art and Architecture
Monday August 4th 2008 6-8PM
97 Kenmare Street@Lafayette Street, NYC
While Storefront is renovating their famous Steven Holl/Vito Acconci facade – An exterior construction blind will be wrapped in the project LEARNING FROM HANGZHOU
This photographic archive examines where urbanization, signage and a culture in the throes of transition collide.
The project will run until mid-September ’08”
Matthieu put together a beautiful photo invite that he sent me on Friday right before I fled our bat-cave dwellings with my kiddo to go camping in the Adirondacks so I didn’t get to post ’til today. Of course I can’t seem to get the photos to cooperate with my computer or blog. Oh technology….
Regardless, it’s gonna be an amazing show. I know Matthieu more as a curator than artist, so I can’t wait to see a show of his own stuff. I was in Shanghai for a show that he curated with Yan last year and it was wild. Matthieu’s modus operandi is gang huo which is a Chinese phrase that explores the intersection of WORK! and HAUL ASS!
I really hope a lot of people haul their asses out to see it.

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