Bits ‘n pieces

Some news just hit my mailbox:

Stan Lee and Hiroyuki Takei’s Ultimo will have it’s North American premier in September’s Shonen Jump. The joint project between Lee and Takei was announced at this past spring’s NYCC, the same day it debuted in Japan. (Thanks, Ev!)

Also, courtesy of Megumi at TokyoFM: Bleach and Naruto anime producer Yuji Nunokawa visits New York’s Kinokuniya this Saturday.

Otakon also this weekend, so pick your poison: New York or Baltimore?

Both my interviews with manga icons Tite Kubo and Hiro Mashima on this week’s PWCW.

Kubo-sensei said some pretty interesting things, but one of the most compelling things he shared with me is the way he looks at action and chooses the proper sequences for story.  “I choose the action where if I were the character, I would feel the most pain.”

I think that the most successful stories are the ones where the creator is willing to put his characters into damaging situations, to expose them to pain, and then, to work without fear, to have faith that the story will tell itself without having to push and prod the characters too much.  It’s a half-baked thought, but one that came to mind when he said this in the interview.


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