And we’re back

Still struggling to reorient myself, but I did manage to knock-out some of the more pressing tasks on my list of things to do today like a) stay in bed all morning, b) work my way through half a bag of caramels, c) ignore the mountain of dirty laundry that has taken over the bathroom.  I’m feeling rather accomplished.

A few things that caught my eye while I was deftly not noticing the stench of fetid ocean that seems to have traveled back home with us in our clothes:

Hideyuki Kikuchi’s Vampire Hunter D manga has made its way to Hong Kong via Jade Dynasty

Kikuchi-san will be a guest at this year’s NY Anime Festival later this month – as will Yoshitaka Amano who does the illustrations for the Vampire Hunter D novels.

A smattering of what you will find at gallery 140sqm in Shanghai next weekend:

140sqm is one of my favorite gallery spaces in SH because it’s on one of my favorite streets in SH, Fuxing Zhong Lu, which is also home to one of the most pretentious, over-priced cafes where they serve killer chocolate milkshakes.

Also on the horizon: Wong Kar Wai’s Ashes of Time Redux which is part of this year’s New York Film Festival and screens on October 10th.  It looks like it will be released nation wide.

Ashes is Wai’s martial arts movie, waaaaaay before In the Mood for Love, Happy Together, or 2046.  It’s been a while since I last saw it so I don’t remember the specifics, but the movie is based on the classic kung-fu novel Eagle Shooting Heros by Louis Cha (my family name) and features the late Leslie Cheung as Ouyang (also my family name).  Ashes of Time was pretty popular on the HK film festivals of the mid-1990’s.  I think it’s pretty neat to see it come back ’round, even though I don’t quite remember it and am not sure what the Redux part is.

Lastly, one thing that’s keeping my stoke alive is the anticipation of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright who are arriving en force at NYAF with designers, a tea party, and clothes, actual clothes!  That we can buy!  And wear!  My leanings tend to be more towards punku styru but the mere idea of a Baby boutique in the middle of the con floor is exciting all the same.  Girls, bring your Benjamins.  Baby means business.

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