First Day of School

The first day of school is our time to be Janus – looking forward, and looking back, and looking far, far forward.  As every parent knows, the road to Yale starts in utero, and is paved by the best schools that money can buy.  Or, in my case, the best schools that we can claw our way into.

I stumbled upon this school project while searching out middle-schools for my son: Mott Hall is a G&T school in Harlem that services families in the neighborhood and as far north as Washington Heights. They’ve done some studies of Japan, so naturally, the kids turned to manga for their school project. Scroll down to the plug-in/menu to see more. It’s an insightful meditation on the form and what youngsters actually think about what they read insofar as comics are concerned.

The Mott Hall student body is primarily Dominican and Puerto Rican – and if they’re thinking this hard about manga, and the teachers/administrators are supporting it, I think we’re obligated to apply.


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