Not comics – at all.

Now that it’s officially September, it’s time to gear up for the other memorial day, 9/11.  The whole lice situation at school had us hooking class after lunch and spending the rest of the day with the fellas who are setting up the Towers of Light downtown.

They got 88 of these babies – 44 for the North Tower, 44 for the South.  Each is 7000 watts.

One of my favorite parts is following the cables that snake around from the lights

to the breakers, along the ground and converging as this thick mass of spaghetti

at the transformers – which regulate the wattage and make sure the lights don’t get more than they need (and blow out)

then spills over the roof

down seven stories to plug into this thing (which I forgot to ask what it was)

and connect to these two generators.

Once it gets dark, the Italians test each light to make sure tha it’s getting power – and turns on.

This part of the job is actually kind of dangerous because if you’re not careful, and you look directly into the light by accident, you end up burning your corneas and getting rushed to the emergency room – which happened to Massimo (on the left) last year.

7000 watts go a mile into the sky.

And it’s showtime

North Tower is lit

My son takes this photo of a cloud passing by.

After all the testing, the guys pull out these huge tarps in to protect the lights in preparation for Hannah.  On Monday, they’ll have their guys out in Jersey, Brooklyn, Staten Island on their NexTels to radio in and get the two towers parallel to one another. And on the 11th, the towers will be lit dusk ’til dawn.

Thanks so much to Michael Ahearn Productions and all the crew for making their work place our home for the day and feeding us barbeque ropa vieja mixed plate.

And to Rafael for suggesting that we visit in the first place.


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