PWCW is three-years-old!

And to celebrate, Calvin rounded up the troops for a meeting.  But any meeting that includes an agenda of wings and beer and topics like “What the heck does Calvin do anyway?” or “What the heck does Heidi do anyway?” and my favorite “Douglas Wolk isn’t here but he’s very important” is a good meeting.

Other subject matter that weighed heavily in our discussion was Calvin’s new campaign to get us all twittering.  Because really, following random people’s tweets is not stalking, it’s us, as journalists, keeping tabs on our sources.  That said, after a weekend of stalking total strangers in Bangkok, here’s my round-up (thank you, Twitter!):

Japanese artist Masakatsu Sashie celebrated his opening at Giant Robot’s GR2 gallery in LA.  The show goes from now until October 15th.  See more photos on Eric Nakamura’s GR blog. Sashie’s city-like orbs remind me of Taiyo Matsumoto’s Tekkon Kinkreet and Jiro Matsumoto’s neo-authoritarian urban backdrop in Freesia – as well as architect-gone-mangaka Nihei Tsutomu’s vertical worlds in BLAME! and Abara.

(Image from Sashie‘s website, copyright Masakatsu Sashie, 2002)

If only LA were closer.

True to Ed’s Tweet: Giant Killing is on the cover of this week’s/last week’s Morning Magazine!

And Cartoon Network cancels Toonami.  Toonami was CN’s anime programming which essentially put all the anime shows into one block that aired Saturday nights.  No word yet on Naruto, a mainstay on CN that boosted the sales of Naruto manga.  Viewers can still watch Toonami programming on their computers via Toonami Jetstream.  It’s only speculation, but I do wonder how CN’s decision will affect future manga sales.


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