New York Anime Festival

Get your UCC canned coffee on, your bottle of Pocari Sweat, your Meiji BLACK chocolate bars, and your karaoke playlist, and go!

The second annual New York Anime Festival kicks off on Friday like Christmas in September (as opposed to Christmas in December when it was held last year) and runs all weekend long.  There will be movies, anime, fan discussion, and a massive afterparty at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant in the meatpacking district, Morimoto.  Morimoto will be there, publishers Yen Press, Dark Horse, Vertical and Del Rey Manga will be there, Squishable plushies will be there – even a tea party with designers from Lolita house, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright where I secured a spot.  Not sure, but my read on this lolita tea party is that it’s either going to be a super cute event, very dainty and elegant, or it’s going to be the biggest bonnet ripping, corset tearing, catfight you could ever imagine.  Either way, as long as I have front row seats, I’m happy.

Incidentally, this year’s NYAF is being held the same weekend as Yaoicon, (the oldest and biggest yaoi/boys love conventionin the U.S.) which had me combing twitter to find out who’d be posting tweets or blogging about yaoi news.  Anyone?  It sounds like quite a few regulars of the manga/anime blogosphere are coming to NYAF which is great, but we certainly want to know what’s going on with boys love.  DMP, Deux, Kitty Media, Tokyopop/BLU, Yaoi Press, and a new publisher, Yaoi Generation, will be there.  DMP is bringing guest Tatsumi Kaiya (Party, Love Training, Hot Steamy Glasses, Physical Attraction) while Kitty Media hosts local BL creator Yayoi Neko (Incubus, Herc&Thor pub’d by Antarctic Press).  As for Yaoi Generation, they’ve got a skeletal site up and nothing published yet that I see.  Maybe Yaoicon will be their coming out party?  Tina Anderson guesses that it’s Dr. Master behind it all – probably because both are based in Freemont – but I haven’t followed up yet.

We’ll be going over our plans for NYAF coverage at the PW offices today – as well as locking down our karaoke playlist. (I’m proposing that we start off with something like Peaches n Herb and save the Def Leppard for later – but that’s just me).  Here’s my interview with vp of NYAF Lance Fensterman and programming coordinator Peter Tartara in case you missed it.


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