Not just boys fun

Back when I first started with Publisher’s Weekly and was covering indie comics, I was assigned to review one of Brian Wood’s earlier books, Pounded.  It was one of my first reviews, and I still have the book.

Needless to say, I had high hopes for Wood and looked forward to seeing more punk rock tales of Heavy Parker.  Instead, he graduated to scripting the long-running, mature series DMZ, and random chick stuff.  For a while, I fought back by stopping by his booth at shows and reminding him that Pounded rules.  And he resisted by pushing his chick stuff on me which I ignored.  It went on like this for a while.

Finally, he managed to shove a copy of his tome, Local, into my hands.  That said, I read Local, and I finally have to admit it: Heavy Parker is gone.  But maybe, just maybe, that ain’t a bad thing.

Here’s my review of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s pride and joy, on

And if you’re in Brooklyn, or willing to trek out there, meet the boys of Local at the launch party tonight at Rocketship.


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