I think we’ve all been rather preoccupied this past week, our hands full with various tasks and impossible missions.  Me?  I spent a good deal of time standing in for my mom (who has fled for her yearly trip to China) arguing the merits of fatty pork with my father while trying to sneak a variety of cooked greens into his strict “hot-dog ramen in Sriracha sauce” diet and reminding him that no, Dad, when Mom gets back, I am not taking the fall for your bacon habit.  And this time I MEAN IT.

Meanwhile, back at the Cave, I’ve come to understand the true meaning of a good education.  You know, all that homework that they give your kid in school is just homework that you have to do, too.  So, if you were anything like me and hated school and was a shitty student, parenting is either your second chance to be the stellar student that you imagined you always could be, or it’s just karmic retribution.  Or, I repeat, it’s just karmic retribution.

Well, regardless of how you feel about homework or bacon, here are a couple of things that caught my eye while I was negotiating pork tedium.

Starting today, OV Gallery in Shanghai hosts a Formula-1 Chinese Grand Prix exhibit.  Two days only!  So if you’re there, check it out and send me photos!  If the bike on the invite is any indication of the sick vehicles on display, then I am so sad I am missing this.

By way of the Yomiuri Shimbun, the U.S. Navy has a manga available online (in JP and ENG) about Navy aircraft carrier, The George Washington.  The nuclear powered USS GW replaced the Kitty Hawk this September in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, where the U.S. has a navy base.  The nuclear power element of the GW has people in JP nervous, so the manga is largely a PR tool.

Here’s a little taste fr. the foreword by RADM James D. Kelly, USN Commander U.S. Naval Forces Japan:

“During a time of global instability and unrest, the forward deployment of USS George Washington to America’s greatest allly and second largest global economic power, Japan, is an incredible signal of partnership and alliance that will reverberate around the world.  Bringing with it some of the most modern military capabilities, USS George Washington is charged with the defense of Japan and maintaining peace and stability in the Far East.  Her highly-trained professional Sailors are US Ambassadors to Japan as well as future neighbors and best friends to many citizens here.”


And a li’l bit of tentative PR for an upcoming exhibit of photography by YASUMASA YONEHARA at the Barry Friedman gallery.  Rika invited me to the reception which takes place next Thursday and told me explicitly to leave my son at home. If you click on Yonehara’s website, please keep in mind that there is a certain merit to his photos and that they are not mere vehicles for voyeurism.  Also, the girls photographed are all UNDERAGE and you risk incarceration for merely visiting this site – not to mention your girlfriends and wives will not appreciate this and neither will your daughters.

That said, the last time I tried to talk about the sexualized female and the male gaze on my blog, I was dubbed the “porno librarian” by complete strangers and then linked to their websites which largely consisted of amateur videos of the last 20 seconds.  Guys, you know what I’m referring to.

But I still think this discussion is worthwhile, because female sexuality is a delicate negotiation between prudence and prurience, and a difficult path that every woman hopes to explore without judgement.  And so while a part of me feels like I may as well be screaming “Free Sex Porn!” on the West Side Highway at rush hour, I’d love to think that linking to Yonehara-san’s site and inviting everyone to view his photos will get people thinking about what sexy is, or when girls learn to be sexy and how they use it – and is it really theirs to use or do they simply become tools of anyman’s dominant/submissive fantasies.

For the ladies reading this post, the girls on Yonehara-sans site are so darling and wear some of the cutest outfits.  Which reminds me, Kiki de Montparnasse is having a sale….

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