This week

Another slammin’ issue of PWCW is out with stories by Brigid, and the debut of our newest addition to Team Manga, Erin Finnegan.  Erin writes for,, and also has her own podcast, Ninja Consultant.  She also happens to work for Al Kahn at Y!kids and is very plugged in with the anime side of things which gives our team a new edge, and “stoked” a new spelling.

I just posted an entry about this stack of comics that I’ve been trying to make peace with and then bitched about the bad stuff.  Now that the tantrum is over, a few books that I’m looking forward to giving my time and attention to:

two Urasawa galleys – Pluto and 20th Century Boys.  20th Century Boys I’ve read and I have to say, I don’t want to marry Urasawa, but this book does make me greedy.  I wish Viz would put out more double-issue tanks but understand that it’s a business risk.

Chip Kidd’s BatManga has arrived.  I was happy with the artfully put together galley, but guess I’ll just have to be happy with both.  BatManga is a fun read.  It’s a collector’s item in all sorts of ways, in that it collects all of Jiro Kuwata’s Batman comics of the era, and for the Batman lover who just wants to have everything Batman.  My son’s been pouring over the pages (I think because Kuwata draws Robin as a kid) and asking me “What happens next?  Can we get the next one?”  I’m not sure it’s going to be that kind of book, so we’ll have to see.  Chip Kidd gave the most excellent BatManga presentations during last summer’s MoCCA and SDCC, and the only thing that would make BatManga better is reading it with Chipp Kidd during the presentation.  Or just reading it with Chipp Kidd and Anne Ishii.  Or reading it with anybody since it’s just a fun book.

TokyoPop delivered their regular BBoB to me (big box of books) and I’ve been happy to see the occasinal BLU title.  The one in this package is A Capable Man.  I haven’t read it, but I do like the title.  When I was interviewing Jeff Ayers for my SF Chronicle yaoi article, we had some good laughs about boys love titles.  I think his favorite was A Tyrant Falls in Love until I brought his attention to All Nippon Airlines which is known in fan circles as ANAL.  Pair that with the image of female fans screaming and cheering for “ANAL! ANAL! ANAL!” and I think we’ve got a winner.

I’ve got volume 6 of Crayon Shinchan waiting, and a bunch of Yen Press titles including Wild Animals which is from China.  I just finished B. Ichi which I liked more than I thought I would, but wanted to like more.  The alternate metropolis of Toykyo is bizarro good and the humor is slapstick silly and fun, but I wanted to feel more immediate affection for the characters.  But I suppose falling in love does take time.

I’ll have more once I’ve actually made some progress.


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