One week to go

Brigid‘s got a good pre-Election Day tip sheet to get us ready for the big day, and the breakdown is pretty much this:

“As you know, November 4 is Election Day. This year, there will probably be a strong voter suppression effort to keep certain people—college students, people of color, people in urban districts—from voting. There are news articles about various regions, but really, anyone is vulnerable.

This problem is much more easily dealt with before Election Day, so please, if you have recently moved or haven’t voted in a while, or if you just like to nail things down, take some time today to make sure your voter registration is in order.”

To review:

– Make sure you are registered

– if your state has early an early voting option and you know who you want to vote for, vote early

– Bring a form of government issued ID with you to the polls – in addition to a recent utility bill as proof of residency.

– Go early in the day if possible

– Be prepared to wait in line

Some reading material you might consider for the wait:

Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale (the novel, not the manga)

Parasyte by Iwaaki Hitoshi (always good reading for a crowded room)

Sho Fumimura’s Sanctuary (illustrated by none other than Ryoichi Ikegami)

And if you can read Japanese (although I don’t recommend reading any of these in public):

Jiro Matsumoto’s Freesia

HEAT by Yoshiyuki Okamura – pen name Sho Fumimura – also illustrated by Ikegami

Sanpei Shirato’s Ninja bugeicho

Lastly, if anyone is still undecided about this year’s election and the next four years to come, or just doesn’t want to get involved in American politics, there is always the option to not vote at all.

Something to consider.

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