Bat-Manga and Japan©

If you missed last night’s BatManga presentation with Chip Kidd at the Strand Bookstore, fear not.  You can watch it on StrandTV.  Watch to the end where Kidd mentions having gathered material for a volume 2 – which means certain story arcs in BatManga could actually be completed.  Yay!  The cliff-hangers in BatManga have thrown off the balance in my house, utterly frustrating my son and leaving me to pick-up the pieces.  “Dude,” I tell him, “It’s just not that kinda book.”  Well, maybe it really could be that kinda book.

This week is also the last week of Japan© at Fellisimo Design House.  Show ends Saturday.  Head over to check it out – and bring home a piece of contemporary Japan.  Some of the items being exhibited are for sale.

The garden necklace – the sprout is real

the plant necklace to scale

electric candlesticks

microwave cooker/steamer

the microwave cupcake maker

My favorite: the bread slicer.  It doesn’t actually slice bread, but if you look closely, you’ll see it’s for measuring the width of the slice, so that you have a slice of bread of uniform thickness every time you use it.  This is not a good description.  But basically, this contraption is one that’s got my friends convinced that I’m a retard because I think it’s brilliant.

Anyhow, it’s worth checking out for all the ingenious little items that they’ve got on display – things that you won’t actually find at Mitsuwa or at Sunrise.

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