this week’s edition of PW

…has a sweet little manga story that I did about Eiji Han Shimizu’s collective, Emotional Content.  I actually spoke with Eiji-san quite a bit for this story, and found out that he’s ethnically Korean (hence his middle name, Han).  Korea and JP do not have the best history, and Koreans – N. Koreans in particular – are pretty much treated as second class citizens.  Up until recently, it was mandate that all Koreans (and other foreigners) be fingerprinted.  And Koreans in Japan have a history of struggle and thuggery since, for most, the yakuza were the only ones doing any hiring.

So it kind of made Eiji’s success in Japan, in culling this collective of artists and creators, and in aspiring to have some sort of positive impact on the world, the type of story that I wanted to do right by.  I see a lot of ambition in this city; people aspiring to greatness.  Sometimes, it’s humbling to meet someone who’s aspiring to a common good that we all can share in.


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