Unrelated: something sweet to put a warm smile on your face

I think cupcakes are a wonderful thing.  And anyone who knows me knows that I consider cupcakes to be God’s gift to frosting.

I’ve blogged about baker extraordinaire, Tawny Ong, and lo!  The Faerie Princess of Spun Sugar and Chocolate Ganache is holding a cupcake soiree! Yea, baby!  Modern Vintage Designs and Spoon+Fork Studio will also be hosting.

This will be taking place tomorrow night at the Point Studio, hpgrp gallery, on Little West 12th St., from 6-9.  Be sure to RSVP to hold a space.  In fact, it may be too late.  Haha, yeah, I posted late on purpose.  But if you do secure a spot, come early; my son and I have the most charming habit of licking the frosting off the tops of the small, cup-shaped cakes, and then putting them back on the serving platter.  Just a little trick we picked up from touring the pre-K to 3rd-grade birthday party circuit.

Kuroda-sensei’s Mad Flower show is also currently on exhibit at hpgrp, and will be up ’til Dec. 14th.  Checkitout!


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