“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

Some sad news found it’s way into my inbox late last night/early this morning.

Tim and Laura’s Comic Foundry, their sexy and sassy print baby, will be folding following the February issue:

I’m sorry to admit that I’ve reached the unfortunate point where my career no longer allows enough time to do the magazine. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” my high school journalism teacher used to say. In this case, I’d rather cease publication than put out issues we don’t have time to devote to fully — less than 100 percent is not an option.

It’s sad to see something that has a market simply fold.  CF was pretty sharp, the production quality that went into it always impressed me – even if it did look very similar to Complex, and even if I am easily impressed.  But if you think about it, Complex Magazine tapped into a new readership and pulled together all sorts of elements that other magazines weren’t.  And Comic Foundry was doing the same thing.

Here are some parting – and reassuring – words from Tim:

we have one last amazing blowout issue that comes out in early February — we’ll be at NYCC, MoCCA and probably even SDCC. If you have a subscription with pending issues you’ll be reimbursed. (Again, finances are not the reason for our early departure).

Which makes me think: Comic Foundry – gone, but not for long.

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