Everybody’s watching the Watchmen

Gotta keep this post short since I’m at the office.  But basically, over the weekend, I was hearing a lot of opinions about the Watchmen movie – literally hearing.  I listen to an unmeasurable amount of radio (I want to say “shitload” but like I said, I’m at the office) most of it NPR, and just about every public radio show produced by NPR or PRI, had a review or story on Alan Moore’s groundbreaking comic book.  

Who’d have guessed that these voices were all closet Watchmen geeks?  My favorite multimedia spread is on the NPR website: a slideshow of black&white photos taken on the movie set by Clay Enos, with Dave Gibbons’ oral (and aural) commentary.  Enos has a book of Watchmen photos that’s out now.

My favorite review: one that aired last night on Studio360 which I listened to while finishing up dinner and homework with my son.  (click on the link and scroll down the page to hear it.)  Essentially, producer Eric Molinsky thinks that the Watchmen have been scooped – by IronMan and the Dark Knight.  I couldn’t agree more.

My favorite thing I heard all weekend: my son telling me (after being inundated with a new aural history of Watchmen all of last week) “Mom, you’re a Watch-Woman.”

Oh, but I really don’t want to be….

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