Adrift…with Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Thanks to Chris Butcher, I think we’re all adequately strung-out on anticipation over Tatsumi’s 800 page biography, A Drifting Life.  I received my copy this week and have been drifting in and out of Tatsumi’s life, reading it sparingly, pacing myself, treating it like a box of delicacies that I’ll only have this one time.  I can’t say much right now – I haven’t finished it for one, and I was happily and willingly roped into writing something on it for The Review section of the Abu Dhabi newspaper, The National.  A lengthy something, so I’m hoarding my thoughts.

But a couple of things to share on Tatsumi (in the event that Christopher hasn’t already mentioned it in his blog):

He will be here in New York at the end of April for the Pen World Voices Festival April 27-May3.

He will be in Toronto with Chris Butcher at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 9-10.

I was going to mention something else, except that nothing else really needs mentioning.


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