Tumbling back

Last night must have been the all-night birthday party because I swear, we were eatin Japanese fried-chicken with kare-raisu an’ playing Bakugan ’til the dawn of today.

My son is snoring like an old man now, so here’s a small update on Miyazaki and a few other notable tid-bits.

I bumped into a couple of my neighbors who had just caught the Miyazaki double-feature playing right around the corner from us at Symphony Space.  They screened Kiki’s Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky and showed a few clips from Miyazaki’s upcoming American release of Ponyo, Ponyo. They’re always screening something cartoony at Symphony Space so if you’re in the area, bring some popcorn and let’s go to the movies.

Miyazaki’s event at Berkeley’s Zellerbach hall is sold out.   Zellerbach Hall seats over 2,000 people so it will be an intimate talk with Miyazaki-sensei and his closest friends and fans.

If anime/cartoons aren’t your thing, the New York Asian Film Festival is kicking off next weekend.  Grady Hendricks and his band of 40 thieves have posted the schedule and a list of this year’s movies making it a few weekends of double-features for yours truly.

And if you’re the literate type, poet Sesshu Foster is coming to town to do a reading at the Bryant Park Reading Room (btw 5th/6th Ave.) on June 30th, 6:30-8pm.  This event is free and open to the public. I really, really love his poetry and in fact, wrote my senior thesis on L.A. and his book City Terrace Field Manual.

Cathy Park Hong is also reading with him.  I may have gone to Oberlin with her but we don’t talk about that.  Cathy won a Pushcart Prize for her first published book of poetry Translating Mo’um.  She’s a Fullbright Scholar, recipient of an National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship and all sort of other awards for her genius.

I, on the other hand, received a beat-up laptop for my efforts in 2006, amassed a collection of comics that even I am impressed with, and am proud owner of a poorly maintained Facebook page.  We have all earned our victories.

And with that, here’s a little something I discovered online: an interview in Bomb Magazine with Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai from 1998.  This was back in the day when Lawrence Chua was managing editor of Bomb and I read it religiously.  This interview I kept a copy of with me on my person at all times – wandering from NYC to the BKK, to HK and my own stay in Chungking Mansions.

I still remember how that paper felt between my fingers, the way the creases frayed when I folded it, and how it went from being an article holding information and transmitting a voice, to an object that I simply carried around, sandwiched between the stamps on my passport.

10 years past and I’m still hanging on his every word.


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