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My mom called today to check up on me and make sure I’m still alive.

She does this after every Comicon.

“How was Comicon? How are you?  How’s Inaki?  How was Comicon?”

Normally, I get annoyed, cuz shit, Mom, Comicon isn’t going to kill me.  I don’t think I was that convincing this time around.  Cramming Comicon into two days is an ill-advised move.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.  At this point I’m running on residual buzz from those tiny energy shots I was downing as coffee chasers during the con.  Residual buzz and jetlag.

Of course, Comicon is worth it – it’s always worth it.  I got back last night around 1:31 am and stayed up until 4:21 this morning filing – that was worth it.  My flight to Berkeley was cancelled, forcing me to stay another night in San Diego and causing me some serious anxiety about flying out the next morning – and quite possibly missing Hayao Miyazaki in Berkeley.  To compensate, I stayed up almost the entire night and then took a cab to the airport at some ungodly hour, you know, since I have the nasty habit of missing my flight.  Totally worth it  – even though my flight was delayed.  And speaking of nasty habits, I’ve developed a new one of jolting myself awake during the night and shouting in Chinese “My cellphone!”  thanks to losing my phone for a a period of time during Comicon.  I’m convincing myself that it’s an endearing habit.

Now that the stories are all filed and the next issue of PWCW is on its way to bed; now that I’ve met Mr. Vengeance Park Chan Wook and Mr. Warm’n’Curmudgeonly Hayao Miyazaki; I just want to say thanks to Duncan and Sunyoung for putting me up in Berkeley and getting me into the Miyazaki events – and letting me break the news to begin with.  And Ed and Jason for putting up with the pre-dawn shouting in a foreign language during Comicon.  You guys are awesome.

Next year, same time same place?


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