Let’s make 2010 a better place – with FREE KOREAN MOVIES!!

This post is long overdue – two and a half months overdue, in fact, but I’m making it up to you all by posting it now.

The nitty-gritty:

Yang Ik-June’s movie, BREATHLESS, screens TONIGHT, 7pm at Tribeca Cinemas FOR FREE.


Note: This evenings screening will be subtitled – I just couldn’t find a good clip with subtitles on Youtube.  But from what you can see, the protagonist is a violent thug with a broken heart.  For more, go see the movie tonight.  Or wait for my review.  But it’s probably a better idea to go see the movie for yourself.  The review may take me a while.

The skinny:

Director, producer, writer, and star, Yang Ik-June will be on hand tonight at the screening.

Even skinnier:

Yes, this is the BREATHLESS movie that Yang mortgaged his house to make.

The anorexic:

The Korean Cultural Service is determined to make the world a better place this year by screening free Korean movies every other Tuesday this year, from January  12, 2010, to December 14, 2010.

All screenings will be free and all screenings will take place at the Tribeca Cinemas down on Canal and Varick (54 Varick, to be precise)

Already we’ve missed the dry and wry humor of DAYTIME DRINKING


And the raw, emotional, family trauma, MEMBERS OF THE FUNERAL


But we will not miss the fists+fury of BREATHLESS!


There will be more movies and more (in depth) updates on what’s to come, but for now, bring your own soju and leave your heartache at the door.  If BREATHLESS doesn’t leave you feeling raw and emotionally scarred, I don’t know what will.


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