Our Week of Snow

We spent a good part of our February break up in Vermont for some snowboarding fun at Killington.  This was both amusing and deeply problematic; amusing because I discovered that I don’t loathe snowboarding as much as I thought I did, problematic because not since my childhood days in Boston have I been treated so rudely by a throng of white people.

I managed by alternately cursing people out in my best Boston accent (i.e. “Shut-up, retahhd!”) and pretending that I didn’t speak any English.  And then telling them to “Shut-up, retahhds!”

After a few incidents like that, we were good.

We did lots of this:

Some of this:

We watched the Olympics at night (yay, Torah!) and when it was time to go,

we were very sad.

A mighty, mighty, shout to the chicks and fellas at Aspen East/Surf the Earth Ski+Snowboard shop who helped me out with my rental and outfitted me with a nifty Salomon ride.  Not sure what model it is but it had these sick cut-away rails – or rails that reminded me of the cut-away rails on my sister’s longboard – that I really liked.  They didn’t make the board as responsive as I thought they would, but it was defnitely a faster, smoother snowboard than the Burton cardboard I rented in the past.  I should mention that it was responsive enough for me to try a little regular footing – and with success (!) on the bunny hill – which I wouldn’t dream of trying on a generic Burton rental.

I’m not sure that we’ll go aallllll the way to Vermont for our next outing in the snow, but I’ll miss tearing down the mountain with my kid, and the guys and gals at the ski shop.  They were the nicest white people we spoke to all week.


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