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Make it a Movie Weekend: Children of Invention opens tomorrow

Filmmaker and fellow Bostonian Tze Chun’s movie Children of Invention will kick off it’s release tomorrow (Friday) in NYC and LA.  It’s a limited, one-week engagement at BIG Cinemas in NYC, and at the Downtown Independent in LA.  CoI swept at all sorts of film festivals, winner of Grand Jury prizes at Newport, Boston, and a shitload others.

I kinda think of it as a localized version of Kore-eda’s Nobody Knows set in Boston except in Children of Invention, instead of abandoning her children, the mother is arrested in an attempt to make a better life for them.  So, it’s pretty much got nothing to do with Kore-eda or Nobody Knows except that, in both movies, the children are left alone to fend for themselves.

Nobody Knows is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’m anticipating that Children of Invention is going to break my heart in a similar manner.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m excited to see Boston as the backdrop to the film, or because my friend, Ed Lin’s wife is in it.  I’m saying it because I believe the hype that’s stirred around this movie that’s won 15 awards during it’s festival tour, and I believe it’s that good.


I’m going to go and see this movie, and have my heart ripped out of me.  And I think you should go, too.

It’s only once or twice in a lifetime that you get to experience this type of heartbreak.  Limited engagement, one week only.  You won’t regret it.

More on CoI and Director Tze Chun:

Boston Globe interviews Tze Chun.

Manohla Dargis reviews Children of Invention for The New York Times.


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Guess Who’s Comin to Town? (psst! It’s Moto Hagio!)

Because it’s impossible to keep a secret thanks to Amazon – despite the good intentions of all parties – the cat’s out of the bag: Fantagraphics is launching its very own line of manga!

The press release is hot off the ether:

MARCH 8, 2010 – SEATTLE, WA — After years of development, Fantagraphics is unveiling a new line of manga. Kicking things off in September 2010 is a collection of short stories from the mother of shōjo (young girl) manga, Moto Hagio. Next, is a multi-volume series from the GLBT manga-ka Shimura Takako. Each book will be released in hardcover form, keeping the original “right to left” manga style for a deluxe, yet authentic reading experience.

I’ll have the full story for PW later, but the other big news is that Moto Hagio – OG shojo mangaka and pioneering member of the Fabulous 49’ers – will be coming to San Diego Comicon this summer.  THIS SUMMER, PEOPLE!

Which begs the next question: Who wants to meet an icon?

Further reading:

Dirk Deppey’s entry on Journalista announcing the news.

Fantagraphics’ press release.

Matt Thorn’s take on his Moto Hagio baby and Takako Shimura. (And here I thought PW had the exclusive…? :p)

More on Moto Hagio and the movement (which we currently refer to as “shojo manga”) that she helped start.

If you’re a Comics Journal reader, you could have smelled this coming a mile off. The July 2005/issue 269 concentrated on manga and featured cover art as well as an interview of Hagio by  Thorn.

I, uh, also have an article in there.  All about shojo.  It was my first feature and I have fond memories of being tortured by it.

In a later issue Deppey also landed an interview with the lovely-psychedelic mangaka Junko Mizuno.  Does that mean….?

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Nike Fat: Tiger Stripes in the Year of the Tiger

So Lunar New Year festivities are done and gone, but here’s a way to keep the year at a deafening roar:

I saw these down in Soho and I’m not sure how recent they are, but all I could think of when I was looking at them, nose pressed into the foggy glass an’ all, is “They’re Grrreat!”

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