Guess Who’s Comin to Town? (psst! It’s Moto Hagio!)

Because it’s impossible to keep a secret thanks to Amazon – despite the good intentions of all parties – the cat’s out of the bag: Fantagraphics is launching its very own line of manga!

The press release is hot off the ether:

MARCH 8, 2010 – SEATTLE, WA — After years of development, Fantagraphics is unveiling a new line of manga. Kicking things off in September 2010 is a collection of short stories from the mother of shōjo (young girl) manga, Moto Hagio. Next, is a multi-volume series from the GLBT manga-ka Shimura Takako. Each book will be released in hardcover form, keeping the original “right to left” manga style for a deluxe, yet authentic reading experience.

I’ll have the full story for PW later, but the other big news is that Moto Hagio – OG shojo mangaka and pioneering member of the Fabulous 49’ers – will be coming to San Diego Comicon this summer.  THIS SUMMER, PEOPLE!

Which begs the next question: Who wants to meet an icon?

Further reading:

Dirk Deppey’s entry on Journalista announcing the news.

Fantagraphics’ press release.

Matt Thorn’s take on his Moto Hagio baby and Takako Shimura. (And here I thought PW had the exclusive…? :p)

More on Moto Hagio and the movement (which we currently refer to as “shojo manga”) that she helped start.

If you’re a Comics Journal reader, you could have smelled this coming a mile off. The July 2005/issue 269 concentrated on manga and featured cover art as well as an interview of Hagio by  Thorn.

I, uh, also have an article in there.  All about shojo.  It was my first feature and I have fond memories of being tortured by it.

In a later issue Deppey also landed an interview with the lovely-psychedelic mangaka Junko Mizuno.  Does that mean….?



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  2. I believe Last Gasp is doing very well by Ms. Mizuno, so no, we have no plans to try and break up the relationship. Boy, wouldn’t that just make us the biggest jerks…?

    • Hi Dirk!

      Thanks for commenting! Those last few graphs were meant to be tongue-in-cheek given that, in four/five years, no one really saw this coming. Last Gasp is doing well by Mizuno, and no, I don’t think of Fantagraphics as the type to break up the band.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Are you kidding? Thank YOU for working for minimal pay to make TCJ #269 that much more kick-ass! I’ll go to my grave convinced that it alone justified my existence on this Earth.

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