Manga+Anime in America @American Museum of Natural History

If you’re bored with the rain, The American Museum of Natural History is hosting an exhibition of both Japanese and Indian popular culture this Saturday and Sunday, 4/17-18.    That translates as a Bollywood/anime movie marathon Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.
Eureka 7 will be screening on Sunday, and to add even more stimuli to the mix, Roland Kelts (Japanamerica) and Taeko Baba (New York-Tokyo) will be present to give a talk on Japan’s influence on American pop culture.

Screening on Sunday starting at noon, the talk starts at 2:30.  I can’t think of two more qualified and informed speakers to cover this subject, so don’t be late.



  1. Did you manage to catch the panel? This was actually a pretty good event. It’s amazing to see how far Japanese pop culture & Bollywood have come in this country. The performances from Shing02 & the dance group were excellent.

    • I did! Or at least, part of it. It’s always a pleasure to hear the inside scoop from Roland Kelts and Taeko Baba. Regarding Bollywood however, I’ve heard that it’s a much larger movement in terms of its popularity – but one that’s largely stayed among South Asians. J-pop like anime and manga have crossed over to an American public, but has yet to reach the same numbers as that of the Bollywood fandom. Interesting nonetheless, as you said.

      I spent a lot of time playing that Dinosaur Slayer game on the Wii with my son and his friend, and then also visited the mini-manga kissa. Wished there were chairs – and that Del Rey had donated some books.

      I also requested more events like this one at AMNH – I think they did a really good job with it!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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