Sadness, CMX, giving DC the finger

Last week we were shaken by the news of layoffs at Viz Media and the quiet shuttering of Go! Comi.

And this week, we’re bitter.

Here’s reaction from news to DC’s shut-down of their manga imprint, CMX: the take-away is a general and overall mood of “FUCK YOU, DC!”

Brigid Alverson gives DC the finger over at Mangablog.

David Welsh throws his hands up in dismay – and turns his nose up to DC.

Kate Dacey has the metrics on Manga Critic.

Julie sheds a tear at Manga Maniac Cafe.

Simon Jones has a complete round-up of reactions at Icarus Publishing, and thoughts on the business model itself, as well as quite possibly the biggest “fuck you” of all:

The biggest absurdity of all is that amid all the troubles for the industry, there are more manga readers than ever.

That insult/fact isn’t directed at DC, however, but at the industry as a whole it seems.  And it sounds a lot like it’s coming from fans.

Brigid points out Rich Johnson’s entry “Does Manga Not Make Money Anymore?“, noting the absurdity of it using Naruto as an example.

I agree with Brigid but I’m going to push the Rich Johnson question a bit, because if manga is no longer lucrative in the U.S., eventually the quality will sink (which we’ve seen) and the only pipeline that will exist will be cheap scans and dog-eared library copies of Oh! My Goddess.   And there will be no market for this material, so instead of creating a new manga for America, we’ll have a new generation of lawyers and doctors and bankers.  Because making manga will become another passing dream and not a viable career option.

We’re already there.  It’s not just the publisher’s, guys.  Don’t get me wrong – fuck DC for not giving CMX its due, but fuck you fans for letting Tenjo Tenge continue as a barrier to all the greatness that CMX did license and put on the market.

Manga’s got the strongest kick in the comics universe, but it’s strongest when publishers and fans work together.  We’ve made it this far, haven’t we?


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